Scrivener Review 2019: Best Writing App or Overrated?

Brad Smith

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Brad Smith

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Scrivener is hands down the most versatile and efficient writing app out there that everyone, from a hobbyist blogger to professional screenplay writer, can use.

When you first land on the Scrivener website, you come across some ravishing reviews from New York Times bestselling authors to prominent writer/producer like Michael Sussman (accompanied by the several logos of all the awards they’ve received).

And after using this software extensively on my computer, I can say, it justifies all the testimonials and awards it got. It’s sleek, very easy to use, and loaded with essential features.

The only thing I found missing is the ability to share documents with peers. Otherwise, it’s a fully dedicated software for writers.

Let’s take a deep dive and go through its advantages and drawbacks.

One time
Best All-Around
✅ Content organization
✅ Storyboard
✅ 14+ templates
✅ Distraction-free
❌ No collaboration
❌ 24+ hour response
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Scrivener Pros

#1. Drag-and-drop organization

There are many times when we have to alter different sections of our content to make it more effective. And it’s dead-simple to do it on Scrivener.

Just select, drag and drop. That’s it.

This makes Scrivener an excellent choice for working on large projects like novels and books that requires you to write several chapters or sections.

#2. Pre-loaded writing templates

Scrivener comes with more than a dozen templates for different types of writing – be it blog posts, novels, short stories or poetry, it’s all there.

#3. Distraction-free writing

It’s quite normal to get distracted while working on an urgent project (or even if it’s not urgent), but Scrivener got you covered.

It has a “full screen” mode that captures your whole screen and blocks everything else. So it’s just you and your writing.

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#4. Version history included

Using the “SnapShot” feature, you can save previous versions of your content so you can go back and forth to make necessary changes.

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#5. Tons of file export options

Scrivener lets you export your files in a variety of formats like Word, PDF, txt, RTF, OpenOffice documents, or Final Draft.

You can also export your document as an EPUB file and use it on e-readers like Kindle.

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#6. Available across most devices

Scrivener is available for download on Mac, Windows, and iOS devices. And the best part is, there’s no limit on the number of devices you can run this software on.

However, the only disappointment is it doesn’t work on Android phones.

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#7. Excellent brainstorming sister product

Scapple is a sister product of Scrivener that allows you to quickly jot down your rough ideas and thoughts and connect them with each other.

It’s the most potent brainstorming tool among all five writing software. It works as a brain mapping tool that makes ideation more impactful.

scapple 1

But the only catch is, it comes as a separate product, and you’ll have to pay for it.

Scrivener Cons

#1. No collaboration options

Getting feedback is an essential part of the whole writing process, but Scrivener leaves you helpless in this section. You can’t share your document, neither you can collaborate with your peers.

#2. Slow customer support

Although the service is excellent, Literature and Latte (the parent company of Scrivener) is a bit sloppy in customer service.

When I sent a support ticket to collect some info about Scrivener, it took them more than 24 hours to answer my queries.

Scrivener Pricing Plans

Scrivener is one of the best value-for-money products compared to all of the other writing apps we’ve reviewed.

It comes with a one-off price tag that reads $45 for Mac and Windows license each, $19.99 for iOS, and $75 for the bundle pack (Mac and Windows license).

You also get 30-day free trial (only for Mac and Windows) to test the product before buying.

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However, you can avail some discount by playing the student/teacher card and get the app on $38.25. But there’s no discount on the iOS and Bundle pack.

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Do I recommend Scrivener?


Scrivener came out to be the best writing app in my test. Thanks to its low prices, plain interface, and a boatload of features, it becomes an apt option for every writer regardless of their profession or field of expertise.

Though the disability to collaborate with others is the only area where you will have to make some compromise (along with the absence of an Android app).

Otherwise, you can go for it without thinking twice.

Check out Scrivener now and give the free trial a spin.