Draft Review 2019

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    Draft is the brainchild of Nate Kontny. It’s generally a free tool, but also comes with various subscription plans that you can gift to others or buy for yourself.

    The biggest difference between Draft and other writing apps is, while other softwares just ease the writing process, Draft actually tries to help you write more and better.

    It has a boatload of features ranging from version control to collaboration, real-time copy editing to Hemingway mode. In short, it does everything it could to convey your message more effectively.

    Wanna know what else does it offer? Here’s a detailed breakdown.

    Draft Pros

    #1 Simple and easy to use

    Draft has a pretty straightforward interface with minimal icons making it super-easy to use.

    Just log in to your account, choose a new document, and start typing.

    draft new document

    draft interface

    #2 Create and save different versions

    It’s the USP of Draft. Sure, you can keep your content as different versions…

    …but it goes a step ahead of its counterparts and renders the power to search anything within those versions.

    draft version control

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    #3 Share your files and collaborate with others

    Draft lets you share your writing with friends and family in a few clicks. Hit the “Share” button, copy the link given below, and share that link via the email.

    draft share option

    draft share 1

    You can also invite your colleagues or writing partners to edit the draft together.

    #4 Real-time copy editing, robot editor, and Hemingway editor

    As I mentioned earlier, Draft not only helps in the writing process, but it also aids in making your words stand out.

    It offers copy editing facility to remove all the grammar and spelling glitches as well as the Hemingway editor mode to score how easy your content is to read.

    draft hemingway mode

    And the most exciting feature is its robotic editor that makes your content more concise and clear. It’s a big relief for writers because almost all of us struggle with wordy sentences. And we don’t even hesitate to splurge money on grammar tools to avoid it.

    But Draft does it for free. When you upload your content and hit “Simplify” under the “edit” menu…

    draft simplify

    …its robotic editor emails a file to you suggesting all the necessary changes you can make to make your writing short and crisp.

    Now, it’s your call to whether you want to accept those changes or reject them.

    #5 Compatible with all the devices

    Draft is a web-based tool, so there’s no complication like downloading and installing a software.

    You can use this software on any machine whether it’s a smartphone or a desktop regardless of the operating system.

    #6 Backup your files in Cloud

    Draft has its own cloud repository where it stores your files automatically. Apart from this, you can also integrate Draft with your respective cloud space providers like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and One Drive.

    #7 Create templates

    Though there are no pre-designed writing templates in Draft, you can create your own by saving particular documents as Snippets.

    draft create template

    So the next time you are dealing with a similar kinda project, you can pull them out, and start working.

    Draft Cons

    #1 Doesn’t block on-screen distractions

    Of course, Draft has a neat interface with lots of white space but is not at all effective in clogging up on-screen interruptions.

    It doesn’t have the option to go full screen, neither you will find Focus Mode.

    #2 No storyboard or corkboard

    I also couldn’t see any storyboard/corkboard in Draft that enables users to jot down their rough ideas quickly.

    #3 Slow customer service

    Nate Kontny – the developer, himself handles all the queries related to Draft. You can reach out to him using the Contact email on the website. However, the response time is terrible.

    I sent an email to ask a few questions about the product, but no one got back to me even after 24 hours.

    Draft pricing plans and payment options

    Basically, it doesn’t cost anything to use Draft.

    However, if you wish to network with other writers inside the member lounge, get a 20% off on Draft’s copy editing services, or want beta access to new features or some additional benefits, you can opt for one of their subscription plans.

    draft payments

    And unfortunately, the only payment option available is Credit Card.

    draft payment options

    Do I recommend Draft?

    Yes, for sure.

    Draft has almost all the aspects of a premium writing app along with a dash of some unique qualities of its own.

    It’s the only app that covers not only the process but also the craft itself. And above all, it’s absolutely free.

    So, I would strongly recommend this tool to anyone who’s looking for a tool to fasten their writing and improve their overall skills as a writer.

    However, you can skip the subscription plans and stick to the free version because eventually there aren’t any significant differences between both of them.