Calmly Writer Review 2019

Brad Smith

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Brad Smith

Calmly Writer is a free text editor and processor that is designed to shun away all the distractions from the screen while writing.

Design-wise, the app is minimal and neat. And its website is quite upfront about its capabilities, so you clearly know what it can do and what it can’t.

And what I like the most about this app is, you don’t need to download any app; neither on the phone, nor on the computer. The only app it offers is for ChromeOS. Basically, it’s just a Chrome extension.

Let’s dive a little deeper a find out how it stacks up against other premium and free writing apps.

Calmly Writer Pros

When you compare Calmly Writer with other free writing tools like Zoho Writer or Google Docs, it seems to fade away in a few fronts.

But that doesn’t mean it has nothing to offer. Though the list is small, here are all the benefits you get to experience while using Calmly Writer.

#1 Simple and very easy to use

Using the app is a breeze. As I mentioned earlier, there’s no need to download an app. Just head over to Calmly Writer’s website and click the big blue button saying “Open Calmly Writer”.

calmly writer website

And when you open the software, it’s just a white space where you can type your words.

calmly writer interface

No technical tantrums, no tutorials needed.

#2 Blocks all the on-screen distractions

The biggest asset of Calmly Writer is its ability to provide users a distraction-free environment to write. Even in its normal mode, it doesn’t show you any menu unless you click on the lotus icon on the top right side of the screen.

calmly interface 1

Things get even better when you toggle the “Full-Screen Mode” on. It completely hides all the icons and the menu bar. So you can do what you’ve come for: write and only write.

calmly writer full screen mode

Besides this, you also get the power of “Focus Mode” which is quite handy for editing stuff.

It greys out the entire document keeps focused on the current line or paragraph you’re working on (depends on your choice).

calmly writer focus mode

#3 Wide range of export options

Calmly Writer imposes no limitation on the number of formats you can export your document as. It supports all the popular file formats like Docx, PDF (print version), plain text, HTML, and Markdown.

Unfortunately, you can’t export your files directly to e-readers.

#4 Works on all the device

Since Calmly is a web-based app, you can get access to it from any device, whether you’re using an Android phone, iPhone, iPad, Mac computer, or a Windows PC.

And because it automatically stores all your data in Google Drive, your files are accessible from anywhere, anytime you want. It also eliminates any possibility of data loss or damage.

Calmly Writer Cons

The cons section is filled with all the advanced features Calmly Writer lacks that you can easily find in any premium writing software like Scrivener or Final Draft.

So here are they:

#1 No storyboard and writing templates

The only objective of Calmly Writer is to provide a distraction environment to write. Other than that, it doesn’t do anything special.

There are no storyboard or any tool like “Keep” that assists you in note-taking. Neither it has any pre-designed writing template in its deposit.

#2 Cannot create and save previous versions of content

Of course, it keeps your content in the cloud, and any changes you make gets automatically saved, but Calmly Writer is unable to lock the previous versions of your content separately.

#3 Can’t share files and collaborate with others

Calmly Writer is not made for teams. There’s no way you can share your files with others or invite people to work with you on the same file.

Calmly Writer pricing plans and payment options

Calmly Writer is a free software. There are no hidden costs, too.

Do I recommend Calmly Writer?

Yes and no.

I would say yes IF ONLY you’re looking for a free and easy to use word processor.

But again, there are many free options out there like Google Docs and Zoho Writer that easily outpowers Calmly Writer in many fronts.

So it’s better to skip this app for now. You lose nothing.