The Best Plagiarism Checkers

Brad Smith

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Brad Smith

Plagiarism is a stain on the writing world. When a writer shamelessly copies the work of another and tries to pass it off as their own, they are committing a form of fraud.

This is a growing problem on both the academic level and in the business sector.

Academically, students are taught not to plagiarize, but many feel as though they can get away with it. Plagiarism is a huge issue plaguing the world of academia, on both the high school and university level.

In fact, 36% of undergraduate students owned up to copying whole sentences/passages without footnoting them, according to a survey detailed on


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But this is not a purely academic problem. Plagiarism affects businesses even more so than educational institutions. If you plagiarise as a student, your grades can suffer or, in some extreme cases, you can be expelled from your educational program. But if you’re a business intentionally plagiarising copyrighted content, you can have swift legal action brought down upon you.

That’s why it’s always so important to review the work of your employees, running it through a plagiarism checker to ensure that everything is on the up and up. Spending just $10 per month on a anti-plagiarism subscription service could save your business thousands if not millions of dollars in the long run.

That’s why we have developed this list of plagiarism checkers, rating and grading them accordingly so that you can decide which will best suit your needs.

You might be interested in the services of a plagiarism checker if you are:

  • A teacher on the high school or university level
  • A business with a lot of copywriting projects such as a publisher or media company
  • A professional writer looking to check your own work
  • A professional copy editor
  • A lawyer
  • A student trying to make sure that you’re not accidentally plagiarising someone else
  • SEO Companies looking for duplicate content

So, without further adieu, let’s talk a bit about how this grading system works.

‘Grading’ Criteria

We’ve assembled a list of 10 plagiarism checkers, and we’ve graded them all by the same criteria.

Essentially, it all boils down to two questions:

  • Is it effective?
  • Who would it be useful to?

When examining these programs, we’re looking at the following:


How effective is it at detecting plagiarism? We have a sample article loaded to the brim with plagiarised content. We will test each service with the same content and see what they come up with.

Word/Page Limits

Some services will limit the amount of pages or words that you can check. These limitations are broken down daily, weekly, or monthly. We will spell out exactly what those limits are, outlining who would get the best bang for their buck when it comes to each checker.

Size of Database

The effectiveness of each program will be determined by the pool of data that it pulls from to cross check every word of the content you’re entering. The larger the database the more effective the service. If you’re using a plagiarism checker, the only way to ensure that the results you’re receiving are accurate is to make sure that your program is pulling from a large database.


How does the checker compile your results? Does it export as a PDF? What kind of information do they provide? How useful is the information gathered? These are all questions that we will ask of each program, determining which services give you the best analytic results for a more complete experience.

Device Compatibility

What devices can you use these checkers on. Do they come on a mobile app? Is it a Chrome extension? Is it compatible with Google Docs? Will it work with Microsoft Word? We want to find out exactly where each service works, determining the circumstances under which you can use them.


Do these checkers only work in English? We want to determine how many languages each product can check. And, if they take more than one, what are they? This is especially helpful for businesses that deal in multilingual content. If you can get all of your testing done in one centralized location, it saves a ton of time and money.

Ability to Exclude Sources

If you know that your article pulled some direct quotes that have been accounted for, do you have the ability to exclude sources from the checker’s process? Sources like Wikipedia can be omitted from some checkers, but you need to know which ones allow it.

Customer Service

What kind of customer service is being offered by each company? Do they have a live chat function? How much time can you expect to spend waiting on a response? We reached out to the customer service departments of each product, saving screenshots and reporting back on their overall effectiveness.

Plans & Pricing

How much does each service cost? Is the price annual? Monthly? Is there a free option? We look in depth at the pricing of each service’s plans in an effort to let you know where your money is best spent.

Now that you know how we’re grading each of these, let’s jump in to determine which is the best online plagiarism checker.

1. Grammarly Review

Grammarly is probably the most well-known plagiarism checker on our list. Plagiarism testing is just a small part of a much larger service that they offer, checking grammar, punctuation, fluency, conventions, formality, conciseness, clarity, variety, and vocabulary.

But the only one that we’re worried about today is the plagiarism checker. So, let’s dive on in.

Disclosure: Grammar Gang is reader-supported. We might earn a small commission if you purchase something through our site. Learn more.

Grammarly Pros

Grammarly does a lot more right than it does wrong. It’s a hugely accurate program that draws from a large database to root out plagiarism. There are maximum limitations detailing what one can and can’t do with the service, but they are more than fair and allow for a high volume workload. You can also use grammarly on a wide variety of devices from desktop computers to mobile phones and tablets.

On top of that, their customer service department was on point, responding quickly to our questions within two hours.

1. Fair Limitations

Grammarly has a number of limitations set in place for users of their system. This applies not only to the plagiarism checker, but to their entire suite of services.

For starters, Grammarly users are limited to five different devices per account.

For every 30 day period, grammarly sets a limit of 300 reviewed documents, or 150,000 words, whichever comes first. Considering that a full length novel is 60,000 words, this is a great amount of flexibility.

That’s not to say that you can burn through 300 documents in one day. There is a daily cap of 100 documents, or 50,000 words.

Documents have to be 4 MB or less to be uploaded to Grammarly. The system supports MS Word docs, OpenOffice, .txt, and .rtf.

2. Responsive Customer Service

I was very impressed with the speedy response time of Grammarly’s customer service department. I was initially turned off, because I like live chat customer service or a phone number. Something through which you can get an instant response.

Grammarly doesn’t have either of those things.

It has an impressive support page with a search function and a plethora of articles that will help you find what you’re looking for. If, for some reason those articles do not answer your question, you can contact their customer service department directly via a form.

Customer Service 1 2

I submitted a question asking for some particulars about their database.

Grammarly Support

All open tickets are listed on the website, where you can check on their progress.

 open tickets

I set the page aside, not expecting anything for at least six hours. I was shocked when they got back to me in just over an hour and a half!

Support Response

It was a quick response, to say the least. And they answered my question while providing me with even more information than I had initially asked for.

Truly above and beyond.

3. Massive Database

The mark of an excellent plagiarism checker is a deep well of data to draw from. Grammarly has that and more.

While you won’t be able to exclude sources, Grammarly utilizes proprietary databases, including 16 billion web pages.

4. Available via Computer and Mobile

Gone are the days when one was able to compose all of their emails and assorted projects on the computer. Nowadays, you need to be able to check yourself via mobile platforms as well.

That’s why it’s great that Grammarly is able to support both computers and mobile devices on both Android and iOS.

For Android users, you need to be running Android 4.0.3 or higher. If you’re using an iOS device, it has to be running iOS 9.3 or newer.

They’re also running a Beta test with Google Docs, so look for that full roll out sometime soon.

5. Highly Accurate and Easy to Use

My hands on test with this program went extremely well.

When you start off, you’ll see a blank page like this.

Highly Accurate and Easy to Use

You can either upload a file, or just copy and paste right into the box.

Once you paste your article onto the page, the program immediately starts analyzing. To see the plagiarism results, click on the plagiarism tag on the right side.

We uploaded our plagiarized article to see how Grammarly would dissect it.

uploaded our plagiarized article

There you have it. Grammarly tore through this content, finding 11 different sources on the web from which content was pulled. A whopping 86% of this article was marked as plagiarism.

Mark Up

Just to make sure everything was on the up and up, we put a piece or original content in there as well.

Results Original

Just 1% of the text was deemed to similar to something else. That’s easily correctable and light years better than our first example.

Grammarly Cons

No system is perfect, and Grammarly does have a few areas in which it falls short.

1. Plagiarism Insights Were Lacking

It’s always good to be able to export your plagiarism findings in a PDF report. Grammarly does offer that service, but I found the detail in the report to be lacking.

For starters, it’s not just a report on plagiarism, they include everything that Grammarly checks for. While that’s not a bad thing at all, it would have been nice to have a little more detail in the plagiarism section.

Plagiarism Report

That’s all we got. No specifics whatsoever. This isn’t a huge deal as all of the details are available via Grammarly’s website, but it could be better!

2. English Only

Grammarly does not currently support languages other than English.

That’s disappointing and somewhat limits the reach of Grammarly beyond English speaking countries. Obviously, any business creating bilingual content should steer clear of this product.

Grammarly Cost, Plans, & Payment Options

Grammarly has three options for its premium plan. It should be noted that while the company does have a free service for Firefox and Chrome users, it does not include the plagiarism checker.

Plans and pricing

As you can see, at its cheapest, Grammarly is $11.66 per month, when you commit to a full year. That comes out to a one time payment of $139.95.

PayPal, credit, and debit cards are accepted as a form of payment.

If you think you’ll be using Grammarly consistently, it’s definitely recommended that you go with an annual plan. It saves you a lot of money in the long run.

Do I Recommend Grammarly?

Yes, I do.

This is a strong Plagiarism checker, and its uses extend far beyond that realm.

But strictly keeping on topic and ignoring this products wealth of additional features, it is the full package.

You’ve got an accurate plagiarism detection system with responsive customer service and a strong database backing up your efforts.

The price point may make this a bit too costly for your average student, but I highly recommend this for educational professionals and businesses that create content in the English language. I would also recommend this to professional writers and editors, as it would support a heavy workload and provide accurate results.

2. Plagly

Plagly is a “free” plagiarism checker that also offers a premium service. I put the word free in quotes because, as you will see momentarily, Plagly doesn’t truly give you anything at all without a credit card number on file.

Premium services are fine. In fact, I approve of a great many premium plagiarism detectors. They’re a sound investment for students, businesses, and educational institutions. But a service that markets itself as a free plagiarism checker should offer something for free…


Plagly Pros

Let’s start with the positive features of Plagly, few as they might be.

They support a large number of languages and they pull from a truly massive database, with more sources than Grammarly.

1. Language Support

Plagly caters to more than just the English speaking audience. On their official website they state that service is offered in more than 20 different languages.

That also extends to their grammar and spelling reviews.

2. Extensive Database

Plagly pulls from a huge database featuring over 20 billion different websites.

That’s an outstanding selection that most services would be envious of. To compare, Grammarly has a database of 16 billion, meaning that plagly pulls from 4 billion more websites than it’s major competitor.

Plagly Cons

Ok, onto the bad.

There was quite a lot wrong here. For starters, my hands on test of the premium service was a complete and utter failure.

There is currently no reporting function, no customer support page, and a horrid word cap limitation placed upon premium users.

Take a deep breath and let’s get started.

1. 1,000 Word Limit

When it comes to checking documents, 1,000 words is nothing. Most term papers and blog articles go way beyond that.

So why then does plagly impose a 1,000 word limit on their premium service? It’s maddening to me that a service that claims it caters to students, educational institutions, and businesses would have such a low limit set on their service.

2. No Reporting Yet

On the left hand side of Plagly there is a tab for reports

no reporting

I assumed that this meant you have the ability to take your plagiarism results and export them into a PDF.

Well, it might mean that one day. But for now when you click on the Reports tab, you get a message stating that this feature is not yet available.

pardon our dust

Reports are essential, especially for businesses that are looking to hold their employees accountable. Once this service is rolled out, I hope it will be a feather in Plagly’s cap. But for now, it’s solidly in the “cons” section.

3. No iOS Support

Plagly is available on a number of devices.

No IOS Support

First of all, it can be used via the company’s official website. They also have browser extensions for both Google Chrome and Firefox. The company makes its mark in the mobile arena with an Android application, available on the Google Play store.

The notable exclusion here is the iOS platform. Apple users have no plagly app for their mobile phones and tablets. This is alienating a strong percentage of the market and is a notable flaw.

4. System Did Not Work

First off, Plagly’s free service doesn’t actually give you detailed results. If you paste your information into their free checker, it just tells you whether or not plagiarism exists in your document.

System did not work

A lot of the above could have been forgiven had the service actually worked when I tried it out. After signing up for the free trial of their premium service, I attempted to paste our plagiarism heavy sample content into the interface.

Submit text

Because of the limitations I discussed earlier I was going to have to input the copy 1,000 words at a time and then compile the results at the end.

I never got that far.

plagiarism report

I was treated to a swirly green circle of doom that never went away. At first I let it go, wondering if maybe the system was just slow. After 15 minutes I realized I was waiting for results that were never coming.

I tried this with our clean sample content as well. I also tried both articles via plagly’s browser add on.

It was the same result every single time.

5. No Customer Support Page

Plagly has a tab at the bottom of it’s home page that is supposed to link to a help center.

No Customer Support Page

Unfortunately, that tab does not work. You click on it and nothing happens. If you right click on it and select “open in a new tab” it just opens the Plagly home page again.

So that means there is absolutely no customer support for anyone who is browsing the page looking to make a purchase decision. While using the premium service I stumbled upon an email address.

I sent them an email with a question about the service, detailing my issues using it.

email questions

Ordinarily, in cases like this you get an immediate confirmation email stating that your question has been received and will be answered. I received no such confirmation.

This was several days ago and I have yet to hear anything.

Plagly Costs, Plans, & Payment Options

Plagly’s premium plan normally costs $20 per month. They’re currently offering a special 50% off price point of $9.99 per month.

Premium Plan

As far as payment methods go, Plagly accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and PayPal.

Payment Methods

Do I Recommend Plagly?

Absolutely not.

It all boils down to one major issue. I couldn’t get the program to work and there was no customer support to help me through it.

I would not recommend this product for anyone.


CopyLeaks is an impressive plagiarism detector that is designed to be used on both the education and business levels.


CopyLeaks Pros

At first glance CopyLeaks’ credit-based system of limits seems odd, but it’s actually very effective and customizable.

Its database pulls from all over the web, and CopyLeaks is available for a variety of devices and programs.

1. Extensive Database

CopyLeaks employs a cloud based system that pours through billions of websites and online databases to detect plagiarism. While they don’t go into specifics, the issue is addressed on their Frequently Asked Questions page.

find results

In speaking with their customer support department, I found out that they pull from all available public databases and their own internal database, featuring over 110,000 documents.

2. Customizable Credit System

Whereas most plagiarism checkers that we’ve seen have hard limits, Copyleaks is far more customizable.

The service operates on a point-based system, wherein subscribers pay for a set number of points per month. Each point equates to 250 words, which Copyleaks estimates to be about one page.

Their lowest tier allows you to purchase 100 points per month, which equates to 25,000 words. The maximum amount of points is 20,000, which is 5,000,000 words in a month. It’s great that they offer such flexibility, allowing users to pay for what they need, rather than conform to what is offered.

3. Compatible with Multiple Devices and Programs

Copyleaks works on both desktop and laptop computers. It also has apps on the Android and iOS mobile platforms, making it more versatile than your average plagiarism checker.

You can also install Copyleaks plugins that will work in Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

4. Huge Language Selection

Every Unicode language is supported by Copyleaks, allowing users to check for plagiarism in just about every language imaginable.

5. Responsive Customer Service

Copyleaks has no live chat function, but they do have a responsive email support system.

Responsive Customer Service

I reached out to Copyleaks via their contact form, asking about their database and its specifications. I was dismayed when their confirmation screen said that I would receive a response within 48 hours.

However, Copyleaks was clearly giving themselves some wiggle room. I got my answer from them within four hours.

quick response

They responded quickly, completely, and asked if I needed anything more. I’m huge on customer service so this was a big win for me.

6. Smooth Hands on Test

I enjoyed using Copyleaks, as it was very straightforward and easy to operate.

You can upload a file, enter a website URL, or copy and paste text into their form to start scanning. I chose to copy and paste.

hand on test

I uploaded our plagiarism sample article and the system got right to work.

plagiarismguide to Social Media for E-commerce

Instead of giving an overall ranking, Copyleaks gives you a number of reports from all of the sites that have matching copy.

When you click on an individual report, it gives you a breakdown of what content remains in question.

 individual report

We also uploaded our clean copy and got a small number of suggestions back.

uploaded our clean copy and got a small number of suggestions back.

Copyleaks Cons

There was only one area in which I felt Copyleaks was lacking, and that was their report exporting, or lack thereof.

1. No Report Exporting

Copyleaks doesn’t give you the ability to export a PDF of your individual reports. That would be a nice feature and make for a far more efficient system.

Copyleaks Cost, Plans, & Payment Options

Copyleaks has a number of customizable options.

For starters, you can choose whether to have a business or education account. The education accounts cost a bit more, but are well worth it if you’re looking to peruse academic databases.

On the business side, the lowest tier you can purchase is only $9.99 per month, and that comes with 100 points.

lowest tier you can purchase

You can move the slider to the right, finding the right number of points for your business needs. The most expensive option, at 20,000 points, comes in at $1,099.99 per month.

The most expensive option

There is also a limited free trial offered to those looking to try the service out.

Copyleaks accepts all major credit and debit cards.

Do I Recommend Copyleaks?


It’s an efficient and functional service that would work well for businesses of any size. Their education plans also would be beneficial to both educators and students, as the customizable price range would support budgets ranging from starving college student up to Ivy League university department head.


QueText claims to be the number one plagiarism checker in the world. But that’s a claim that every entry on our list seems to make about themselves. Could QueText actually back up this statement?


To be honest, they’re definitely in the running. This is a product that runs like a well oiled machine. They’re very upfront about the features of their service and using QueText was a breeze.

QueText Pros

QueText pulls from a massive database, encompassing the realms of websites, books, and journals. It is one of the most complete systems I’ve ever seen.

QueText has a great and easy to use reporting system, and comes in a number of languages. While there are some limits, they’re all very reasonable.

Plus, my hands on test of this system was a joy.

1. Unlimited Documents, High Word Limit

If you’re using the free version of QueText there are some restrictive limits that you have to abide by. You can only check 500 words at a time and run three reports in a one month period.

The premium paid version has no such restrictions. Users can run an unlimited number of reports and searches.

While the word count is limited to 25,000 words at a time (50 pages) there’s nothing stopping users with longer documents from running multiple reports.

2. DeepSearch Database

QueText uses a system known as DeepSearch for all of their premium clients’ reports.


DeepSearch pulls from 35 billion websites, 20 million books, and 1 million journals. It is an all encompassing system that leaves no stone unturned in the hunt for plagiarism. What’s more you can exclude specific sources when searching.

3. Multiple Languages

QueText handles a lot more than just English. You can search for plagiarism in French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Arabic, and Russian as well.

4. Detailed Report Exporting

QueText allows you to export your plagiarism findings in a detailed report. I was amazed at how much information gets packed into this document.

When I uploaded our plagiarism sample content (which is just under 4,000 words) it gave me back a PDF file that was 81 pages long.

Detailed Report Exporting

5. Smooth Hands on Test

Using this product was an overwhelmingly positive experience.

Much like other platforms on this list, you start off by either uploading a document or pasting copy.

Smooth Hands on Test

I entered our plagiarism sample content and the system got right to work.

plagiarism sample content

It took a few minutes to compile the results, which makes sense given the amount of content the DeepSearch system goes through.

It marked the plagiarism sample up, with a whopping 84% of plagiarized content.

plagiarism sample up

The copy was also highlighted according to the severity of plagiarism.

 severity of plagiarism

The red line means that it’s 100% taken from somewhere else. QueText also lets you know where it came from so that you can properly source the quote.

Just to be sure that everything was functioning well, we uploaded our clean sample content, and got wildly different results, as expected.

properly source the quote

6. Great Customer Service

I reached out to QueText’s customer service department to ask about mobile functionality. I was impressed with their service thus far and wanted to see if there were any improvements coming in the form of an Android or iOS app.

I sent them an email, using the address I found on their site.

Great Customer Service

I got a quick and helpful response from Sam, a member of their support team.

 helpful response

Sam answered my question, thanked me for reaching out, and gave me an alternative avenue in the form of using the service on a mobile browser.

That’s quality customer service.

QueText Cons

QueText only fails in one area, and that’s device support.

1. No Mobile Apps

QueText is only available via a computer. It supports Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera browsers, but not Internet Explorer. (I guess the two people still using Internet Explorer will have to pass on this.)

Unfortunately, the company has no mobile presence whatsoever. That is disappointing considering the growing popularity of mobile web browsing.

QueText Cost, Plans, & Payment Options

There are only two plans available for QueText. Their limited free option and the PRO plan.

QueText Cost, Plans, & Payment Options

As you can see, the free plan only uses basic searches to hunt for plagiarized content, while the PRO membership employs DeepSearch.

The PRO membership comes at a cost of $9.99 per month. You can pay with a credit or debit card only.

Do I Recommend QueText?

Yes, I do.

This is a top to bottom wonderful product that is easy to use, inclusive of various languages, and pulls amazing reports that will help educators and professionals keep their students and staff accountable for the content they create.

It’s major selling point is the DeepSearch system, which is one of the largest anti plagiarism databases I’ve ever seen.

And at just $9.99 per month, it’s super affordable for professionals and students alike.

I recommend this for educators, students, writers, editors, media companies, and SEO businesses.

BibMe Review

BibMe is not marketed toward working professionals. It’s not even really effective for educators. Instead, this is a service that seems entirely devoted to the student experience.

But can it be used beyond the occasional term paper?

BibMe Review

BibMe Pros

BibMe is a relatively easy to use program. I had no issues checking our sample content pieces.

1. Easy to Use

The BibMe process starts simple enough.

You paste your content into the blank field and you’re off. You can also upload a file directly from your computer or from Google Drive.

Easy to Use

I uploaded our plagiarism sample article, and the system scanned it for about two minutes before breaking the news to me.

plagiarism sample article

It found 230 instances of plagiarism throughout the piece. Other programs we’ve used gave a percentage, but this works fine as well.


It also highlighted every instance, giving citation recommendations where appropriate.

iving citation recommendations where appropriate

We also checked our clean content, and uncovered only 8 results in which citation could prove helpful.

checked our clean content

2. Unlimited Checks

The BibMe paid subscription service comes with unlimited plagiarism checks. There are no word or page limitations either. That makes it unique!

3. Responsive Customer Service

I reached out to BibMe’s customer service department with a lot of questions, because their site doesn’t tell you much.

There is no live chat, so I reached out via their contact form.

Responsive Customer Service

Their response time was good, considering I emailed them after normal business hours. I got a response the next morning before noon.

response time

They answered each of my questions, included a link, and then asked if I needed anything else. All in all a great customer service response.

BibMe Cons

The number of cons associated with BibMe far outweigh the pros.

They’re very tight lipped about the specifics of their product. They offer absolutely no information about their database, and all of their other features are incredibly simplistic.

1. Unknown Database

We have no idea what kind of database BibMe is drawing from. That’s because they seem to go out of their way to not give out any information about it. They also do not allow you to exclude specific sites.

Because this is a service geared toward students, a lot of BibMe’s info seems to focus on proper citation and how to put together a strong research paper.

2. No Reporting

BibMe has no feature that allows you to export your plagiarism results.

You can make corrections on their platform, both when it comes to plagiarism/citation or grammar/spelling. Once all of the corrections have been made, you can export the completed paper as a Word document, but there is no exportable error report.

3. Computer Only

BibMe is only available through a computer. It has no mobile apps.

This is a huge chunk of the web browsing audience (specifically high school and college students) that they are leaving out.

4. English Only

BibMe does not offer service in any language other than English. So, if you’re a bilingual student who is writing papers in both English and Spanish, you’re out of luck.

BibMe Costs, Plans, & Payment Options

BibMe has two different levels. One is free and the other is a premium paid service.

BibMe Costs & Plans

The free service is extremely limited and doesn’t allow for plagiarism checking. The premium plan is only $9.99 per month, and you’re allowed to try it for a free three day trial.

BibMe accepts major credit cards. PayPal is not allowed.

Do I Recommend BibMe?

Yes and No.

If you’re a student who needs help putting a paper together, then this is a great plagiarism checker at a good price.

If you are literally anyone else, it’s a resounding no. They’re tight lipped about the specifics of their service, and their lack of report exporting alone makes it ineffective on both the educator and professional levels.

PrePostSEO Review

PrePostSEO is an Search Engine Optimization solutions company based out of Pakistan that utilizes a plagiarism checker as part of its service.

PrePostSEO Review

PrePostSEO Pros

PrePostSEO has some decent limitations that vary based on which premium tier you’ll be using. Their plagiarism software offers services in a variety of languages and can be easily implemented into a website.

1. Acceptable Limitations

This program judges usage through queries, which it defines as a simple sentence. That means a 600 word article would use up somewhere between 50 and 60 queries.

Free users can make up to 500 queries in a month, but paid users can make anywhere from 5,000 to 75,000 queries, based on the level of their membership.

All tiers have a limit of 5,000 words per article. That makes it great for SEO companies which are usually just checking out blog articles or web page content.

Publishers and college professors who see heavy daily workloads would likely find this service too restrictive.

2. Website Plugins

PrePostSEO features a widget that can be applied to your website, helping you police your content before ever posting it.

They also have a WordPress plugin that pairs seamlessly with the popular platform

3. Diverse Languages

Subscribers can use PrePostSEO to check for plagiarism in a number of languages, including English, Spanish, Turkish, and German.

4. URL Exclusion

PrePostSEO allows you to exclude certain websites from the plagiarism report. This is a truly helpful feature that a lot of companies don’t offer.

PrePostSEO Cons

I found a number of problematic issues with this service, chief among them was its accuracy in rooting out plagiarism.

They’re also not very open about their database. To top it all off, their customer service department was kind of dismissive when I contacted them.

1. Vague Database

They’re not very upfront about the specifics of their database. They make a vague statement on their website, referencing “billions” of websites, but with no concrete numbers.

Are they using Google? Bing? I have no idea what they’re drawing from or how it helps me.

2. No PDF Downloads

While you can run a report of your plagiarism results, there is no option to download it as a PDF. They do give you a sharable link, but sometimes an actual file is far more effective, especially when it concerns employee accountability.

3. Dismissive Customer Service

I reached out to PrePostSEO’s customer service department via the contact form on their website. I asked a simple question, seeking a little more information about their database.

Dismissive Customer Service

I got a response the next morning, though it left something to be desired.

response the next morning

They answered one part of my question but completely ignored my request for specific numbers. Instead, they directed me to a link that did not contain the information I asked for.

4. Inaccurate Reporting

I was dismayed when I tried this plagiarism checker for myself. I entered our plagiarism sample copy into the checker, and the results were downright horrible.

Inaccurate Reporting 

It came up 32% plagiarised. This is a document that almost every other checker on our list labeled upwards of 85%.

Maybe the reason I couldn’t get an answer about the specifics of their database was because their database is not all that great.

It also took a crack at our clean copy and did an ok job on that one.

Except it apparently reviewed 101% of it?

 specifics of their database

PrePostSEO Cost, Plans, & Payment Options

This service has three tiers of premium pricing, ranging from $10 ro $45 per month.

PrePostSEO doesn’t automatically renew memberships, so at the end of the month you have to go to the site and renew if you want to keep going.

PrePostSEO Cost

The only form of payment they accept is PayPal.

Do I Recommend PrePoseSEO?

No, I do not.

When I first saw the website I thought that this could be a useful product for SEO companies. Then my hands on test proved that it’s just not an effective tool for rooting out plagiarism, especially when compared to services like Grammarly and QueText.

PaperRater Review

PaperRater is start up company offering grammar and plagiarism checking services. It is specifically marketed to students both on the college and high school level working on term papers. They offer a limited free version and a premium plan.


PaperRater Pros

PaperRater is an effective program with fair limitations, given its audience. It draws on the databases of popular search engines to cover a wide array of internet real estate as it searches for plagiarism.

1. Database Powered by Search Engines

PaperRater checks for plagiarism using the search indexes of Google and Bing, the two most popular search engines on the planet.

A PaperRater representative told me that they are able to pull from “the entire searchable internet.”

2. Acceptable Limits for Student Use

Free users of PaperRater can perform up to 10 plagiarism checks per month. These checks must be no longer than 5 pages of 300 words each. So, in total, 1,500 words per check.

Premium users can perform 25 checks in a month. Each check cannot exceed 20 pages of 300 words a piece. That equates to 6,000 words.

3. Decent Customer Service

PaperRater offers customer support Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Decent Customer Service

I sent an email asking questions about their database. I received an answer within the hour. It was a great response time.

email asking questions

It’s not a fantastic reply, but they did answer my question, and did so in a quick and efficient manner. So it’s enough to get into the pros section here.

PaperRater Cons

Our hands on test of PaperRater showed less than average accuracy in reporting on our sample articles. Its languages, device support, and reporting features all left me wanting.

1. No Report Exporting

PaperRater doesn’t allow you to export your plagiarism report as a PDF.

There is an option to print out your results. Then, you could just scan it into your computer. But it would be far simpler to just have a feature that allows you to export.

2. No Mobile Support

The only way a user can access PaperRater is via its website.

There is no mobile support or browser add on function.

3. English Only

Currently, PaperRater only supports the English language. When answering this question on their Frequently Asked Questions page, PaperRater makes sure to use the phrase “Not at this time,” meaning that additional languages could be added in the future.

4. Below Average Accuracy

When I ran our plagiarism sample through PaperRater, it told me that the piece was 33% original.

Below Average Accuracy

That means it received a plagiarism score of 67%. While that’s pretty high, most other checkers on this list scored it at over 85%, which means that PaperRater was missing an awful lot of copied content.

Just to see the other side of the coin, I made sure to check out our clean copy as well. PaperRater gave it a clean bill of health at 99% originality.

clean bill of health

PaperRater Costs, Plans, & Payment Options

PaperRater has one free option and one premium plan. The premium has an option to subscribe for a year, or on a month-to-month basis.

The one year commitment comes out to $7.95 per month, while the month-to-month service is $14.95 per month. That’s quite a lot for a program that caters to students and places restrictions on its use.

PaperRater Costs

PaperRater allows you to pay with a credit or debit card.

Do I Recommend PaperRater

No, I don’t.

As I was going through its features, I was considering recommending this for students. If you’re a student looking for a free plagiarism checker, then it’s worth a go for your shorter papers. But I can’t in good conscience recommend a $14.95 per month service to a student that has such a poor accuracy rate.

At the end of the day, there are better systems that come at a lower price point.

Plagramme Review

Plagramme is the most unique service on our list. It runs on an ala carte premium service and is one of the only plagiarism checkers that can be used completely free or charge with no restrictive limitations.

It is another program that is designed specifically for students.

Plagramme Pros

Plagramme pulls from a vast database to show students the originality of their work. It produces detailed reports which can be downloaded off of the site for later review.

It also has a responsive customer service department that tries to handle issues as quickly as possible.

Plagramme Review

1. Utilizes Extensive Database

According to Plagramme, they pull from a database consisting of over 640 different repositories and 14 trillion web pages, articles, books, and periodicals.

That’s a huge piece of internet real estate.

2. No Limitations

Plagramme does not seem to implement any kind of limitations on how often users can check for plagiarism, nor to the size of the documents that are being checked.

Any document can be checked for free, but certain features, like reporting, cost money and must be paid in full before the service is rendered.

3. Reports can be Downloaded

Plagramme allows users to download their reports in DOCX format. This allows students to learn from their mistakes while safely and easily accessing the files on their computer.

4. Responsive Customer Service

The customer service link for Plagramme can be found in the left hand column of the user interface.

Responsive Customer Service

If you click on the conversation bubble, it brings up a plain contact form.

conversation bubble

I filled out a simple question about their database, and when I sat down to write this, I assumed that I had been ignored. That’s because there was no email confirmation that I had sent any correspondence, nor any response alert.

However, when I checked my account, I saw that someone had responded. Had I never looked on my account, I never would have known. There are no push notifications whatsoever.

They got back to me in about six hours and gave me a good response.

no push notifications

I still would have loved some kind of email notification, but I appreciate their speed and responsiveness.

Plagramme Cons

I found the accuracy of this service to be disappointing. On top of that, service is only available in one language, and there is no device support outside of a computer.

1. Computer Access Only

Plagramme is a web only application, accessible via their official website. There is no support for mobile platforms.

2.  Poor Accuracy

This service missed an awful lot of copied data.

You can’t copy and paste using Plagramme, so you have to upload your content as a file.

I was able to upload both our plagiarism content and clean copy at the same time.

It was taking an abnormally long time for the service to go through, so I ended up paying to speed up the check. One nice feature was that I was able to check both articles at the same time.  Poor Accuracy

The results that I got were not encouraging. Our plagiarism content only registered 32%, which is absurd given the more than 85% registered on most of the top systems we’ve used.

results that I got were not encouraging

Plagramme Costs, Plans, & Payment Options

There is no premium plan for Plagramme.

Instead, any additional features have to be paid for separately.

For example, to speed up the checking process I paid $1.50. To run a detailed report on the plagiarism copy, I had to pay just over $10. To run a report on the clean copy, it was $2.95.

They accept debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal for this.

Do I Recommend Plagramme?


On the surface this looks like a perfect system for students, but the issue of accuracy comes into play. While I like their ala carte style of services, Plagramme missed over half of the plagiarised content in our sample article.

That alone makes it impossible to recommend.

Plagiarism Check Review

Plagiarism Check does exactly what its name infers. It checks for plagiarism. It’s a premium service that has plans designed for educators of all levels and students, but it could easily be used on the business level as well.

Plagiarism Check Review

Plagiarism Check Pros

This is a very effective and accurate program. It has limitations in place but all are within the acceptable range. It allows you to export your results for the sake of efficiency and pulls from a very impressive database.

1. Huge Database

Plagiarism Check makes use of a database that encompasses more than 95 billion different websites and academic depositories, as well as over 5,000 multi-disciplinary archives from 126 different countries.

That’s absolutely massive in scale and makes for a very effective search.

2. Reasonable Limits

Business level accounts, which are designed for educational institutions, can have an unlimited number of users running an unlimited number of plagiarism checks 50 pages at a time. Some of the more expensive tiers allow users to check up to 500 pages at once.

On an individual student level, there are no daily limits on how many checks can be run as long as the user stays within their page allotment. This ranges from 20 pages up to 150.

3. Detailed Reporting

One of my all time favorite features included in a plagiarism checker is the ability to export your findings as a PDF. I’m happy to report that Plagiarism Checker makes this available for all membership levels.

Detailed Reporting

4. Highly Accurate and Easy to Use

Using Plagiarism Checker is a snap. I just pasted my content into their interface, and the system started checking.

Highly Accurate and Easy to Use

It didn’t take that long to work through our plagiarism sample, which is nearly 4,000 words and 15 pages.

 work through our plagiarism sample

It was super accurate as well, scoring the article at 85.22% plagiarism. Of course, I also checked our clean content, and it found more issues that most of the other checkers we’ve reviewed.

 super accurate as well

Simple to use and highly effective. As far as test drives go, this was close to perfect.

5. Quick Customer Support

I found their customer support to be fast and efficient. I submitted a question via their contact form, and they got back to me quickly.

Quick Customer Support

They responded within four hours.

 responded within four hours.

Informative, quick, and they kept the lines of communication open. There’s not much more you can ask for when dealing with a customer support department.

Plagiarism Checker Cons

It’s not a totally perfect system. While they do support some other languages, they don’t recommend using them. It also has limited device support, which is a bummer.

1. Can be used Only Via Website

There is no mobile support for plagiarism checker, which I always hate to see. They also have no website plugins or any other additional products. The system can be accessed solely from their website.

2. English is Recommended

Plagiarism Checker supports languages other than English, but they go out of their way to state that the system works at its best in English. That honesty is refreshing but the lack of faith in their product was kinda troubling.

Plagiarism Checker Costs, Plans, & Payment Options

Plagiarism Checker has two different groups of plans. They have individual accounts meant for students, and plans that are meant for educational institutions.

The individual plans start at $5.99 per month and go up to $25.49.

Plagiarism Checker Costs, Plans, & Payment Options

The packages meant for educators require quotes to be requested.

meant for educators

The service accepts both PayPal and credit or debit cards.

Do I Recommend Plagiarism Checker?

I sure do!

It’s a fantastic program, well priced and highly accurate. I would recommend it for students and educators for sure, but I also think that SEO firms, media companies, writers, editors, and lawyers would get some great use out of it, even if it’s not marketed toward them.

Copyscape Review

Copyscape is a free service that allows you to enter your website’s URL to determine if anyone out there is copying you. Their premium service allows users to enter offline content like blog articles that have not been posted and check them for plagiarism on the web.

Copyscape Pros

Copyscape is easy to use and draws upon a powerful search engine-based database for its results. It’s premium limitations are determined by how much money you put in, so you’re never paying for more than you’re actually using. It also has a diverse listing of languages to pull from.

1. Many Languages Supported

Copyscape supports almost all common world alphabets and languages, meaning that no matter what language your content is in, Copyscape can read it and find out if there’s plagiarism. According to their customer support department, they do not support Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

2. Pre-Pay

This service allows you to pre-pay and it won’t charge you again until you’ve used the equivalent amount of premium service.

So, for instance, if you’ve got $20 in your account, you have to perform $20 worth of premium plagiarism checks before you would have to pay again.

3. Search Engine Database

Copyscape uses Google and Bing to look through the internet in search of plagiarism. They have the full might of these two powerful search engines behind them, opening up the vast majority of the internet.

4. Easy to Use

Copyscape’s premium service is very simple. You just copy and paste your offline content into the box, and let the program work its magic.

Easy to Use

It immediately got to work, identifying a large number of sites that our plagiarism sample copy drew from.

plagiarism sample copy drew from

It also worked on our clean copy, pulling far less and finishing in a shorter amount of time.

 pulling far less and finishing in a shorter amount of time

You can click on the blue button next to each selection to see a copy of the website it’s pulling from, with similar sections highlighted.

copy of the website it’s pulling from

Copyscape Cons

Copyscape does have some issues, including a lack of mobile options, non responsive customer service, and no ability to export status results.

1. Cannot Save Reports

Copyscape does not have a function that will allow you to backup and save your reports. So, if you have gone through a plagiarism check on a specific piece of content, you would have to either leave it open or run it again to show someone else.

2. Lack of Device Support

Users of Copyscape have no alternative platform to use the service on. It is only available via a computer, with no mobile support whatsoever.

3. Slow Customer Support

Copyscape does not have a live chat function, but I can’t hold that against them because none of the services on our list have had one thus far.

I reached out to Copyscape via their contact form, and asked about their database.

 Slow Customer Support

I received an answer almost 48 hours later, a truly disappointing response time.

disappointing response time

Don’t get me wrong, this answer is great. It responds to all of my questions in a complete manner, but the response time was just a bit too long.

Copyscape Costs, Plans, & Payment Options

Copyscape’s premium service does not have a traditional monthly subscription. You make a payment on the site, and you keep that money sitting in your account. When you need to use the premium service you pull from that money based on the number of words you are checking.

Copyscape’s premium service

As you can see above, Copyscape Premium accepts PayPal and credit cards.

Do I Recommend CopyScape?

Yes, I do.

I recommend it for businesses. Both their premium and regular free service are perfect for companies that are looking to compare their website content with that of competitors.

It’s not really a program designed for the educational sector, as there is far more effort put into the checking of websites, as opposed to educational term papers.

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