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I'm the creator of this site (Grammar Gang). I'm also the founder of Codeless, a long-form content creation company that's been featured in The New York Times, Business Insider, The Next Web, and hundreds more.

We produce around ~100 long, in-depth articles each month. So we're relying on these tools on a daily basis. Here, I break down the good, bad, and uuuuuuggggllllyyyy.
Brad Smith

PrePostSEO is an Search Engine Optimization solutions company based out of Pakistan that utilizes a plagiarism checker as part of its service.

PrePostSEO Review

PrePostSEO Pros

PrePostSEO has some decent limitations that vary based on which premium tier you’ll be using. Their plagiarism software offers services in a variety of languages and can be easily implemented into a website.

1. Acceptable Limitations

This program judges usage through queries, which it defines as a simple sentence. That means a 600 word article would use up somewhere between 50 and 60 queries.

Free users can make up to 500 queries in a month, but paid users can make anywhere from 5,000 to 75,000 queries, based on the level of their membership.

All tiers have a limit of 5,000 words per article. That makes it great for SEO companies which are usually just checking out blog articles or web page content.

Publishers and college professors who see heavy daily workloads would likely find this service too restrictive.

2. Website Plugins

PrePostSEO features a widget that can be applied to your website, helping you police your content before ever posting it.

They also have a WordPress plugin that pairs seamlessly with the popular platform

3. Diverse Languages

Subscribers can use PrePostSEO to check for plagiarism in a number of languages, including English, Spanish, Turkish, and German.

4. URL Exclusion

PrePostSEO allows you to exclude certain websites from the plagiarism report. This is a truly helpful feature that a lot of companies don’t offer.

PrePostSEO Cons

I found a number of problematic issues with this service, chief among them was its accuracy in rooting out plagiarism.

They’re also not very open about their database. To top it all off, their customer service department was kind of dismissive when I contacted them.

1. Vague Database

They’re not very upfront about the specifics of their database. They make a vague statement on their website, referencing “billions” of websites, but with no concrete numbers.

Are they using Google? Bing? I have no idea what they’re drawing from or how it helps me.

2. No PDF Downloads

While you can run a report of your plagiarism results, there is no option to download it as a PDF. They do give you a sharable link, but sometimes an actual file is far more effective, especially when it concerns employee accountability.

3. Dismissive Customer Service

I reached out to PrePostSEO’s customer service department via the contact form on their website. I asked a simple question, seeking a little more information about their database.

Dismissive Customer Service

I got a response the next morning, though it left something to be desired.

response the next morning

They answered one part of my question but completely ignored my request for specific numbers. Instead, they directed me to a link that did not contain the information I asked for.

4. Inaccurate Reporting

I was dismayed when I tried this plagiarism checker for myself. I entered our plagiarism sample copy into the checker, and the results were downright horrible.

Inaccurate Reporting 

It came up 32% plagiarised. This is a document that almost every other checker on our list labeled upwards of 85%.

Maybe the reason I couldn’t get an answer about the specifics of their database was because their database is not all that great.

It also took a crack at our clean copy and did an ok job on that one.

Except it apparently reviewed 101% of it?

 specifics of their database

PrePostSEO Cost, Plans, & Payment Options

This service has three tiers of premium pricing, ranging from $10 ro $45 per month.

PrePostSEO doesn’t automatically renew memberships, so at the end of the month you have to go to the site and renew if you want to keep going.

PrePostSEO Cost

The only form of payment they accept is PayPal.

Do I Recommend PrePoseSEO?

No, I do not.

When I first saw the website I thought that this could be a useful product for SEO companies. Then my hands on test proved that it’s just not an effective tool for rooting out plagiarism, especially when compared to services like Grammarly and QueText.