Plagramme Review

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    Plagramme is the most unique service on our list. It runs on an ala carte premium service and is one of the only plagiarism checkers that can be used completely free or charge with no restrictive limitations.

    It is another program that is designed specifically for students.

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    Our Verdict: On the surface this looks like a perfect system for students, but the issue of accuracy comes into play. We do recommend Grammarly , WhiteSmoke  instead.

    Plagramme Pros

    Plagramme pulls from a vast database to show students the originality of their work. It produces detailed reports which can be downloaded off of the site for later review.

    It also has a responsive customer service department that tries to handle issues as quickly as possible.

    Plagramme Review
    Plagramme logo

    1. Utilizes Extensive Database

    According to Plagramme, they pull from a database consisting of over 640 different repositories and 14 trillion web pages, articles, books, and periodicals.

    That’s a huge piece of internet real estate.

    2. No Limitations

    Plagramme does not seem to implement any kind of limitations on how often users can check for plagiarism, nor to the size of the documents that are being checked.

    Any document can be checked for free, but certain features, like reporting, cost money and must be paid in full before the service is rendered.

    3. Reports can be Downloaded

    Plagramme allows users to download their reports in DOCX format. This allows students to learn from their mistakes while safely and easily accessing the files on their computer.

    4. Responsive Customer Service

    The customer service link for Plagramme can be found in the left hand column of the user interface.

    Responsive Customer Service
    Shows where you could contact Plagramme Customer Service

    If you click on the conversation bubble, it brings up a plain contact form.

    conversation bubble
    Where you could enter your concern on the contact form

    I filled out a simple question about their database, and when I sat down to write this, I assumed that I had been ignored. That’s because there was no email confirmation that I had sent any correspondence, nor any response alert.

    However, when I checked my account, I saw that someone had responded. Had I never looked on my account, I never would have known. There are no push notifications whatsoever.

    They got back to me in about six hours and gave me a good response.

    no push notifications

    I still would have loved some kind of email notification, but I appreciate their speed and responsiveness.

    Plagramme Cons

    I found the accuracy of this service to be disappointing. On top of that, service is only available in one language, and there is no device support outside of a computer.

    1. Computer Access Only

    Plagramme is a web only application, accessible via their official website. There is no support for mobile platforms.

    2.  Poor Accuracy

    This service missed an awful lot of copied data.

    You can’t copy and paste using Plagramme, so you have to upload your content as a file.

    I was able to upload both our plagiarism content and clean copy at the same time.

    Poor Accuracy
    Sample of a plagiarism check

    It was taking an abnormally long time for the service to go through, so I ended up paying to speed up the check. One nice feature was that I was able to check both articles at the same time.

    The results that I got were not encouraging. Our plagiarism content only registered 32%, which is absurd given the more than 85% registered on most of the top systems we’ve used.

    results that I got were not encouraging
    Another sample of a plagiarism check

    Plagramme Costs, Plans, & Payment Options

    There is no premium plan for Plagramme.

    Instead, any additional features have to be paid for separately.

    For example, to speed up the checking process I paid $1.50. To run a detailed report on the plagiarism copy, I had to pay just over $10. To run a report on the clean copy, it was $2.95.

    They accept debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal for this.

    Do I Recommend Plagramme?


    On the surface this looks like a perfect system for students, but the issue of accuracy comes into play. While I like their ala carte style of services, Plagramme missed over half of the plagiarised content in our sample article.

    That alone makes it impossible to recommend.


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