PaperRater Review 2019: Worth the Money or Skip ASAP?

Brad Smith

I'm the creator of this site (Grammar Gang). I'm also the founder of Codeless, a long-form content creation company that's been featured in The New York Times, Business Insider, The Next Web, and hundreds more.

We produce around ~100 long, in-depth articles each month. So we're relying on these tools on a daily basis. Here, I break down the good, bad, and uuuuuuggggllllyyyy.
Brad Smith

PaperRater is start up company offering grammar and plagiarism checking services.

It is marketed to students both on the college and high school level working on term papers. They offer a limited free version and a premium plan.


PaperRater Pros +

PaperRater is an effective program with fair limitations, given its audience.

It draws on the databases of popular search engines to cover a wide array of internet real estate as it searches for plagiarism.

1. Database Powered by Search Engines

PaperRater checks for plagiarism using the search indexes of Google and Bing, the two most popular search engines on the planet.

A PaperRater representative told me that they are able to pull from “the entire searchable internet.”

2. Acceptable Limits for Student Use

Free users of PaperRater can perform up to 10 plagiarism checks per month. These checks must be no longer than 5 pages of 300 words each. So, in total, 1,500 words per check.

Premium users can perform 25 checks in a month. Each check cannot exceed 20 pages of 300 words a piece. That equates to 6,000 words.

3. Decent Customer Service

PaperRater offers customer support Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Decent Customer Service

I sent an email asking questions about their database. I received an answer within the hour. It was a great response time.

email asking questions

It’s not a fantastic reply, but they did answer my question, and did so in a quick and efficient manner. So it’s enough to get into the pros section here.

PaperRater Cons

Our hands on test of PaperRater showed less than average accuracy in reporting on our sample articles. Its languages, device support, and reporting features all left me wanting.

1. No Report Exporting

PaperRater doesn’t allow you to export your plagiarism report as a PDF.

There is an option to print out your results. Then, you could just scan it into your computer. But it would be far simpler to just have a feature that allows you to export.

2. No Mobile Support

The only way a user can access PaperRater is via its website.

There is no mobile support or browser add on function.

3. English Only

Currently, PaperRater only supports the English language. When answering this question on their Frequently Asked Questions page, PaperRater makes sure to use the phrase “Not at this time,” meaning that additional languages could be added in the future.

4. Below Average Accuracy

When I ran our plagiarism sample through PaperRater, it told me that the piece was 33% original.

Below Average Accuracy

That means it received a plagiarism score of 67%. While that’s pretty high, most other checkers on this list scored it at over 85%, which means that PaperRater was missing an awful lot of copied content.

Just to see the other side of the coin, I made sure to check out our clean copy as well. PaperRater gave it a clean bill of health at 99% originality.

clean bill of health

PaperRater Costs, Plans, & Payment Options

PaperRater has one free option and one premium plan. The premium has an option to subscribe for a year, or on a month-to-month basis.

The one year commitment comes out to $7.95 per month, while the month-to-month service is $14.95 per month. That’s quite a lot for a program that caters to students and places restrictions on its use.

PaperRater Costs

PaperRater allows you to pay with a credit or debit card.

Do I Recommend PaperRater

No, I don’t.

As I was going through its features, I was considering recommending this for students. If you’re a student looking for a free plagiarism checker, then it’s worth a go for your shorter papers. But I can’t in good conscience recommend a $14.95 per month service to a student that has such a poor accuracy rate.

At the end of the day, there are better systems that come at a lower price point.

Start with Grammarly and WhiteSmoke, instead.