Copyscape Review

Brad Smith

I'm the creator of this site (Grammar Gang). I'm also the founder of Codeless, a long-form content creation company that's been featured in The New York Times, Business Insider, The Next Web, and hundreds more.

We produce around ~100 long, in-depth articles each month. So we're relying on these tools on a daily basis. Here, I break down the good, bad, and uuuuuuggggllllyyyy.
Brad Smith

Copyscape is a free plagiarism checker that allows you to enter your website’s URL to determine if anyone out there is copying you. Their premium service allows users to enter offline content like blog articles that have not been posted and check them for plagiarism on the web.

Copyscape Pros

Copyscape is easy to use and draws upon a powerful search engine-based database for its results. It’s premium limitations are determined by how much money you put in, so you’re never paying for more than you’re actually using. It also has a diverse listing of languages to pull from.

1. Many Languages Supported

Copyscape supports almost all common world alphabets and languages, meaning that no matter what language your content is in, Copyscape can read it and find out if there’s plagiarism. According to their customer support department, they do not support Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

2. Pre-Pay

This service allows you to pre-pay and it won’t charge you again until you’ve used the equivalent amount of premium service.

So, for instance, if you’ve got $20 in your account, you have to perform $20 worth of premium plagiarism checks before you would have to pay again.

3. Search Engine Database

Copyscape uses Google and Bing to look through the internet in search of plagiarism. They have the full might of these two powerful search engines behind them, opening up the vast majority of the internet.

4. Easy to Use

Copyscape’s premium service is very simple. You just copy and paste your offline content into the box, and let the program work its magic.

Easy to Use

It immediately got to work, identifying a large number of sites that our plagiarism sample copy drew from.

plagiarism sample copy drew from

It also worked on our clean copy, pulling far less and finishing in a shorter amount of time.

 pulling far less and finishing in a shorter amount of time

You can click on the blue button next to each selection to see a copy of the website it’s pulling from, with similar sections highlighted.

copy of the website it’s pulling from

Copyscape Cons

Copyscape does have some issues, including a lack of mobile options, non responsive customer service, and no ability to export status results.

1. Cannot Save Reports

Copyscape does not have a function that will allow you to backup and save your reports. So, if you have gone through a plagiarism check on a specific piece of content, you would have to either leave it open or run it again to show someone else.

2. Lack of Device Support

Users of Copyscape have no alternative platform to use the service on. It is only available via a computer, with no mobile support whatsoever.

3. Slow Customer Support

Copyscape does not have a live chat function, but I can’t hold that against them because none of the services on our list have had one thus far.

I reached out to Copyscape via their contact form, and asked about their database.

 Slow Customer Support

I received an answer almost 48 hours later, a truly disappointing response time.

disappointing response time

Don’t get me wrong, this answer is great. It responds to all of my questions in a complete manner, but the response time was just a bit too long.

Copyscape Costs, Plans, & Payment Options

Copyscape’s premium service does not have a traditional monthly subscription. You make a payment on the site, and you keep that money sitting in your account. When you need to use the premium service you pull from that money based on the number of words you are checking.

Copyscape’s premium service

As you can see above, Copyscape Premium accepts PayPal and credit cards.

Do I Recommend CopyScape?

Yes, I do.

I recommend it for businesses. Both their premium and regular free service are perfect for companies that are looking to compare their website content with that of competitors.

It’s not really a program designed for the educational sector, as there is far more effort put into the checking of websites, as opposed to educational term papers.