CopyLeaks Review

CopyLeaks is an impressive plagiarism detector that is designed to be used on both the education and business levels.


CopyLeaks Pros

At first glance CopyLeaks’ credit-based system of limits seems odd, but it’s actually very effective and customizable.

Its database pulls from all over the web, and CopyLeaks is available for a variety of devices and programs.

1. Extensive Database

CopyLeaks employs a cloud based system that pours through billions of websites and online databases to detect plagiarism. While they don’t go into specifics, the issue is addressed on their Frequently Asked Questions page.

find results

In speaking with their customer support department, I found out that they pull from all available public databases and their own internal database, featuring over 110,000 documents.

2. Customizable Credit System

Whereas most plagiarism checkers that we’ve seen have hard limits, Copyleaks is far more customizable.

The service operates on a point-based system, wherein subscribers pay for a set number of points per month. Each point equates to 250 words, which Copyleaks estimates to be about one page.

Their lowest tier allows you to purchase 100 points per month, which equates to 25,000 words. The maximum amount of points is 20,000, which is 5,000,000 words in a month. It’s great that they offer such flexibility, allowing users to pay for what they need, rather than conform to what is offered.

3. Compatible with Multiple Devices and Programs

Copyleaks works on both desktop and laptop computers. It also has apps on the Android and iOS mobile platforms, making it more versatile than your average plagiarism checker.

You can also install Copyleaks plugins that will work in Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

4. Huge Language Selection

Every Unicode language is supported by Copyleaks, allowing users to check for plagiarism in just about every language imaginable.

5. Responsive Customer Service

Copyleaks has no live chat function, but they do have a responsive email support system.

Responsive Customer Service

I reached out to Copyleaks via their contact form, asking about their database and its specifications. I was dismayed when their confirmation screen said that I would receive a response within 48 hours.

However, Copyleaks was clearly giving themselves some wiggle room. I got my answer from them within four hours.

quick response

They responded quickly, completely, and asked if I needed anything more. I’m huge on customer service so this was a big win for me.

6. Smooth Hands on Test

I enjoyed using Copyleaks, as it was very straightforward and easy to operate.

You can upload a file, enter a website URL, or copy and paste text into their form to start scanning. I chose to copy and paste.

hand on test

I uploaded our plagiarism sample article and the system got right to work.

plagiarismguide to Social Media for E-commerce

Instead of giving an overall ranking, Copyleaks gives you a number of reports from all of the sites that have matching copy.

When you click on an individual report, it gives you a breakdown of what content remains in question.

 individual report

We also uploaded our clean copy and got a small number of suggestions back.

uploaded our clean copy and got a small number of suggestions back.

Copyleaks Cons

There was only one area in which I felt Copyleaks was lacking, and that was their report exporting, or lack thereof.

1. No Report Exporting

Copyleaks doesn’t give you the ability to export a PDF of your individual reports. That would be a nice feature and make for a far more efficient system.

Copyleaks Cost, Plans, & Payment Options

Copyleaks has a number of customizable options.

For starters, you can choose whether to have a business or education account. The education accounts cost a bit more, but are well worth it if you’re looking to peruse academic databases.

On the business side, the lowest tier you can purchase is only $9.99 per month, and that comes with 100 points.

lowest tier you can purchase

You can move the slider to the right, finding the right number of points for your business needs. The most expensive option, at 20,000 points, comes in at $1,099.99 per month.

The most expensive option

There is also a limited free trial offered to those looking to try the service out.

Copyleaks accepts all major credit and debit cards.

Do I Recommend CopyLeaks?


If you’re opposed to using Grammarly, this is one of the better alternatives on the market.

It’s an efficient service that would work well for organizations of any size. Their education plans also would be beneficial to both educators and students, as the customizable price range would support budgets ranging from starving college student up to Ivy League university department head.