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WhiteSmoke is fully-featured writing tool that is available for download on a number of platforms.

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WhiteSmoke is consistently compared to Grammarly, the number one grammar and plagiarism checking system that we’ve reviewed. That’s some impressive company to keep, so we asked ourselves the question, how does WhiteSmoke compare? Is it actually a viable alternative to the costly yet effective Grammarly?

We put WhiteSmoke through the wringer, running it through a series of tests that sought to check its accuracy, overall usability, customer service, ease of installation, device compatibility, language inclusion, affordability, and more.

Can WhiteSmoke hold a candle to Grammarly, which has proven to be a titan atop the grammar checking industry? Does its plagiarism checker accurately pinpoint instances of copied content? Will a user pull their hair out attempting to use the system?

That’s what we intend to find out in this WhiteSmoke grammar checker review.

ACCURACY 80% out of 86%
DATABASE 17 Billion +
LIMITATIONS 10,000 Characters Per Review
DEVICE COMPATIBILITY Desktop, Browser, Mobile
LANGUAGES 55 Languages
PRICING $6.59/ month (Annual)
WEBSITE www.WhiteSmoke.com

Pros of WhiteSmoke

What does WhiteSmoke get right? Quite a bit, as it turns out.

This is an accurate system that was easy to install. It has a number of features that work together to create a complete grammar experience. It is compatible with multiple devices and translates into a large number of languages.

Let’s break down all of this good stuff, one point at a time.

1. Many Features

WhiteSmoke’s features all work together like the cells of a body in order to create a full and complete experience that helps to shape better writers.

First, and most importantly, you have the grammar checker. This complete system checks for a number of common grammatical errors including fragments, run-on sentences, incomplete sentences, subject-verb disagreements, double negatives, tense shifts, spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes, capitalization, object clauses, comma splices, fused sentences, missing words, and many more.

On top of that, WhiteSmoke includes a number of text and video writing tutorials designed to help better your understanding of what it takes to create quality content.

WhiteSmoke Writing Tutorials Example

Another feature is the spell checker, which uses an algorithmic approach to find not only words that are spelled incorrectly, but properly spelled words that are being used in the wrong context.

WhiteSmoke also features a style correction function, which is an important facet of writing that is often overlooked. The system corrects common style issues like monotony and constantly switching tenses. These are problems that the built-in grammar checkers in programs like Microsoft Word tend to miss.

The system’s punctuation checker is another vital component that adds to WhiteSmoke’s overall effectiveness. Punctuation issues can impact the entire meaning of your writing, and having a system specifically designed to find issues related to punctuation is a huge feather in WhiteSmoke’s cap.

2. Translator

WhiteSmoke uses a translation system that pulls from 55 different languages. This is a huge advantage WhiteSmoke has over Grammarly, which only pulls from the English language.

Picking up on perhaps the single largest con of its biggest competitor is smart and gives WhiteSmoke a head up in the battle for grammar checking supremacy.

The translator features a full dictionary and thesaurus, translations in full text or word by word, usage examples given on a word by word basis, and the ability to work alongside any text application.

This is ideal for English as a Second Language students who are looking to better their ability to understand, speak, and write in the English language. That opens up a whole new demographic for WhiteSmoke, on top of professional writers and college students looking to improve their writing.

The translator can be used for social networks, international business markets, blogs, professional translations services, and in the academic arena.

WhiteSmoke Translate Feature

3. Easy to Install

I was quite pleased with how simple the installation process was. It should be noted that you cannot download any of WhiteSmoke’s applications from the website itself. You first have to purchase your service plan and follow the instructions that WhiteSmoke emails to you.

The email contains a download link and an activation code. Once I clicked on that link, the download began immediately.

WhiteSmoke License Agreement Screenshot

Once you accept the license agreement, the download takes off like a shot. It completed in less than 30 seconds on my laptop.

Once the installation is complete, you have to enter the activation code that was included in your email to sign into the service.

That’s the entire process. Simple, effective, and you’re online within a minute.

Most services allow you to download the applications directly from their website and create login credentials when you purchase a plan. I question WhiteSmoke’s decision to run against the grain here, but I don’t fault them for it.

It was easy enough and only momentarily jarring.

4. Accurate System

We typically compare all of the grammar checking services that we review to Grammarly. The true measure of a checker’s effectiveness is how well it stands up against the biggest dog in the yard.

We always use the same sample article to check all of these systems. It helps us effectively gauge how well a checker is performing by comparing and contrasting.

You start off by pasting your content into the blank form on WhiteSmoke’s user interface. There are some limitations to how much content you can enter at one time when using the desktop application, but we will go through that in another section.

WhiteSmoke Writing Editor

Once the content has been entered, click check text to start the process.

WhiteSmoke Accurate Grammar Checker

WhiteSmoke gets right to work, underlining mistakes, making corrections, and letting you know what kind of mistake it has found. Above, you can see that it has highlighted the world online.

First off, it’s making a suggested correction that is not needed. This content is referring to “online” in the manner of being on the internet. But it also marks it down as a repeated word, which is a valid point.

They use a color coding system to let you know what kind of mistake you’re looking at. Red is a spelling mistake, green is for grammar, and purple is a style issue.

Something I personally like about WhiteSmoke’s system is that you don’t have to hover over the mistake to see the suggested correction. All recommendations are right above the underlined content for your review.

WhiteSmoke Grammar Scoring System

They also have a reporting system that gives you an outline of the document’s corrections. This is a report generated for the first snippet of the sample article that we pasted into WhiteSmoke.

Grammarly rates the article at 85% when we run it through their system. WhiteSmoke, on average, rated the pieces that we uploaded an 8/10, which is 80%. That’s a comparable score and it shows that WhiteSmoke holds its own against Grammarly.

Well done!

5. Available on Multiple Devices

WhiteSmoke can be used on a number of different devices.

WhiteSmoke Device Availability Examples

It can be integrated into your desktop computer, working on the Windows or Mac platforms. WhiteSmoke also has a web-based application, which provides the same quality and features without having to download a program.

These applications work with popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, and even unpopular browsers like Microsoft Edge. (Seriously, if you use that on the regular let us know!)

WhiteSmoke Mobile App Availability

WhiteSmoke also has a mobile application, available for both iOS and Android devices. We always love to see a grammar checker that carries over into the mobile world. If you think about how you text vs. how you write on a computer, there is usually a large gap in overall quality.

I think we could all use a little extra help when communicating via mobile phone.

WhiteSmoke Cons

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a perfect system, and WhiteSmoke is guilty of a few sins. For starters, we had issues with their plagiarism detector and how it is presented. Their checking limitations were a bit much, and customer service issues plagued our overall experience.

Wag your finger along with us at some of the areas in which WhiteSmoke could stand to improve.

1. Limited Checking on Desktop App

While we loved the accuracy found within WhiteSmoke’s grammar checker, it took forever to get the results that we needed when using the desktop app.

WhiteSmoke’s Windows application has a limit of 10,000 characters at a time. That’s not 10,000 words, it’s 10,000 characters. That means every letter, punctuation mark, and space.

Our sample article is 23,272 characters. That means to get the full results we had to run three separate tests.

I question the motives behind such a limitation. A mere 10,000 characters are nothing in the grand scheme of things. Our article was only 3,917 words. An author trying to check a 60,000-word novel, or a graduate student trying to check their thesis would have a long and frustrating road ahead of them.

That means WhiteSmoke is great for checking emails, social media posts, and the occasional short essay, but it becomes more of a burden when you try to use it for anything of substantial length.

However, this issue does not apply to their web-based application. When using that we were able to paste the entire article and got some great results.

Users on the essential and premium plans only receive a license for one computer. Their business plan (which is by far their most expensive) comes with only three computer licenses. That’s extremely limited, especially since Grammarly can connect on up to five devices, and Ginger, another competitor, has no limits in this regard.

2. Confusing Plagiarism Checker on Desktop App

WhiteSmoke has a plagiarism checker, which is a great thing. It is a system that pulls from a database of more than 17 billion web pages to check for copied content.

But for the whole first half of my research and review for this article, I was unclear as to whether or not this service actually existed. That’s because there is almost no mention of a plagiarism checker on the website.

In fact, when listing the features of this product, the plagiarism checker is not mentioned at all.

WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker Features List

It wasn’t until I was looking at the various plans offered by WhiteSmoke that I found some kind of proof as to the existence of this mythical function.

WhiteSmoke Plan Features with Plagiarism Checker

When I opened the Windows app for the first time, I saw that there was a section for the plagiarism checker. I clicked on it and attempted to enter our sample article into the interface.

WhiteSmoke Plagiarism Checker

I hit paste and…nothing happened. I hit it again and again and again…and nothing happened.

Thinking that perhaps this was an issue with the Windows app, I went over to their web-based platform. Sure enough, there was a tab there for the plagiarism checker. I tried to paste our sample article into the interface and it worked like a charm

Then I clicked the button marked “analyze text” and I waited…and waited….and waited….and waited.

WhiteSmoke Plagiarism Checker Loading Screen

Oftentimes, a plagiarism checker will take a few minutes to work. After all, it is combing through billions of web pages. So I gave WhiteSmoke some slack. I got this spinny feather circle of doom for 20 whole minutes before I reloaded the service and tried again. This time I waited for 30 minutes with no results whatsoever.

WhiteSmoke clearly has a lot of work to do on their plagiarism detector before it can be touted as a beneficial feature of this service.

3. Unresponsive Customer Service

When I first logged onto WhiteSmoke’s website, I got excited because there was a little chat box in the corner which could only mean one thing: a live chat function!

Live chat is the holy grail of customer service. It allows users to get immediate help and it’s a service that too few grammar checking programs offer.

WhiteSmoke Live Chat Option

I clicked on it and was told that the chat team was not available, so I could leave a message.

I asked about the plagiarism checker.

WhiteSmoke Live Chat Question

I sent in my question and immediately was presented with a screen that let me know that my message was sent along and someone from the support team would be in contact.

WhiteSmoke Live Chat Confirmation Message

After 24 hours with no response, I began to suspect that something was wrong. After all, even if a live chat wasn’t 24/7, they would have to be open at some point, right?

I checked back periodically but the service was never online. I decided to send an email to their support team instead.

WhiteSmoke Support Email Inquiry

It has now been more than 24 hours since that was sent, and I have received no response whatsoever.

WhiteSmoke Cost, Plans, & Payment Options

WhiteSmoke is an affordable system, priced well below Grammarly on most plans. It has three different pricing plans to choose from with two different commitment periods offered.

Whitesmoke pricing plans

Annual plans start at $6.99 per month for the essential plan. Premium users pay $9.99 per month, and business users pay a whopping $17.95 per month.

The essential plan works with all browsers and comes with the grammar checker, plagiarism checker, and translator only.

Premium plans include the desktop client, all browsers, Microsoft Office, and Gmail compatibility. Its features include the grammar checker, plagiarism checker, translator, one-click instant proofreading, and it integrates with all writing platforms.

I paid for the premium plan:

Whitesmoke annual billing receipt


The business plan includes everything in the premium plan, plus a three computer license, phone customer support, and an extended download warranty.

Prices are lower with a three-year commitment, with essential plans at $4.44 per month, premium at $8.29, and business coming in at $12.42.

The pricing on the essential and premium plans is fair, but the business plan’s pricing seems very high for a service that only offers three connections.

Users can pay WhiteSmoke with a credit card or by using PayPal.

Do I Recommend WhiteSmoke?

Yes, depending on what you’re looking for.

If Grammarly is too expensive for you and you’re looking for a system to check shorter pieces of writing, then I think you can’t go wrong with WhiteSmoke.

Their limitations around the number of computers that can be connected and the number of characters that can be checked at one time are troubling. If you’re working on shorter essays or just want to make sure your professional emails are looking good, it’s still a good program.

The business plan also seems overpriced with only three connections. I think most businesses would do well sticking with Grammarly.

Finally getting the plagiarism checker to work was odd at first. But it should probably be a lot easier once you get the hang of it.

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